Product Information

Optional, integrated mobile lighting solutions. SOMFY motor systems suitable for mobile systems. Remote control option for mobile systems and lighting modules. Side areas are compatible with aluminum joineries for heat insulation. System is made of aluminum extrusion and painted using epoxy polyester. It provides the necessary static bearing strength with its original shaft without the need for additional timber of steel constructions. 100% water-proof, 780 gr/m2 oscurante blackout membrane fabric manufactured using German technology with different color options. Insulation technology provided for the fabric and rail junctions in order to prevent air and water infiltration. Special film coating providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays namely UVA and UVB.

  • 100mm *160 mm aluminum pergola profile.
  • 98/37/CEF Motorized systems safety
  • 73/23/CEE Low voltage norm
  • 89/226/CEE Electromagnetic capacity norms compliance certificate.
  • High capacity, stainless steel, INOX components.
  • Infrastructure compatible with mobile and fixed glass systems.


The overall construction of the system is made of reinforced aluminum. Profiles available in the construction are electrostatic dust painted. Each module consists of 2 carrier shafts. Shaft is comprised of 160*100 aluminum profiles. Carrier part of the system can be mounted on steel or concrete structures after installation. Each system includes 55Nm, 85Nm or 120 Nm SOMFY (French) tubular motors on the same piping system.

  • 1600 series profile measurement details;
  • Rail beam profile sizes: 160mm*100mm*3mm
  • Front beam gutter profile sizes: 190mm*150mm*3mm
  • 1200 series profile measurement details;
  • Rail beam profile sizes: 125mm*85mm*3mm
  • Front beam gutter profile sizes: 190mm*150mm*3mm
  • Load-bearing front column profile sizes: 125mm*85mm*3mm


Mehler BLACK-OUT (German) 3 layered PVC fabric weighing 780 gr/m2 or 800 gr/m2 was used in the system. Provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays namely UVA and UVB by means of the special film layer added between the top and bottom surface of the fabric.

  • PVC weight of the PVC BLACK-OUT is 540gr/m2.
  • Overall weight of the PVC BLACK-OUT fabric is 780 gr/m2 provided with a thickness of 0.55mm.
  • PVC BLACK-OUT fabric will maintain its physical properties between the temperatures of-300 0C /+70 0C.
  • Fabric is tear-proof, water-proof, non-reflecting and can be stretched equally.
  • Among the color options of this fabric are white, cream and grey.


Mobile ceiling system System operates on radio signals produced by SOMFY (French) remote control. Modulation is provided by Type AM 433-92 Mhz, TGM certified SOMFY (French) motors. Two way radio (synchronized) can be used if necessary.

  • Aluminum rails have a special profile of 160*100mm. Posts have a size of 130*130, grooves have a size of 190*150, and the connection between two shafts has a size of 60*120.
  • Systems motor motions are provided at T10 timing belts mounted on the ceiling.
  • T10 lift components include steel pulley and inox bolts.
  • Lift box shall be accessible for adjustments.
  • Systems side components are provided with 4cm drop channels on the BLACK-OUT membrane.
  • Moving roof shafts include initial and locomotive shafts with 50*80mm profile and intermediate shafts with 50*40mm profile.
  • Each shaft is fitted with four wheels on double row bearings.
  • System is suitable for use in all seasons.
  • Sides of the system can be confined using aluminum joinery and folding glass.
  • System can be fitted with remote controlled LED lighting modules optionally.
  • System, motor and membrane come with 5 years warranty.