Product Information

Membrane suspension cable-stayed gazebo closure system specifications.

Technical information:

Architectural membrane system shall be modeled in line with the guidance  of the project owner based on concerns such as aesthetics, functionality, safety and cost-effectiveness. Systems behavior shall be estimated precisely using a design program for membrane and carrier steel structure and optimal solutions shall be proposed. Work to be conducted in line with the above mentioned framework is as follows;

  • Architectural project.
  • Identification of the membrane form calculating the pretension loads.
  • Static measurements of the system based on loads caused by snow, wind and earthquake.
  • Designing membrane patterns according to the compensation calculations.
  • Production project and shop drawing process.
  • Foundation project.

and Membrane is a structural material which functions both as a carrier and a cover for reinforced concrete structures while taking form depending on the pretension strength created by the asymmetrical tensile force rather than counter pressure. Pretension force to be applied is found as a result of static calculations and it depends on the form and design of the building. The cover material used in membrane structures is a special textile produced weaving the base carrier yarns. These yarns can be coated with several chemicals in order to provide water-air tightness and to prevent external factors. PVC(polyvinylcholride)) These covers, which poorly contribute to the main resistance, can be covered with another material in order to improve resistance to ultraviolet radiation and external factors and to lend self-cleaning surface feature.